The Full Council's Responsibilities

Pentir Community Council is responsible for providing a range of different services within the area it represents and operates openly and transparently for the benefit and on behalf of the whole community. Here is a general description of the responsibilities and activities of Pentir Community Council.

Pentir Community Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. The meetings are held at Penrhosgarnedd and Glasinfryn Centres, usually at 7pm. These meetings are open to the public but you are kindly requested to contact the Clerk to inform them of your intention to attend, indicating if you require any adaptations or translation service.

If you wish to bring any concerns to the attention of the council, or if you would like the council to discuss any concern, members of the public must contact the Clerk in advance with their comments or concerns, or send them via a councillor. Any such matter will be placed on the agenda and presented either by the Clerk or by the councillor. Members of the public do not have the right to interrupt or contribute to discussions - you will be there for observation only. For full details, see section 21 of the Standing Orders.

Elwyn Jones - ClercMr Elwyn Jones, our clerk, comes from Rhiwlas and is very familiar with the council area. He is the Council’s Finance Officer, responsible for accounts and organisational governance. Elwyn is also responsible for serving the meetings, dealing with correspondence, managing the cemetery and burials and taking care of the Council’s asset maintenance programme – among many other things!

Contact details for Elwyn are available on the CONTACT page.

Some of the Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Setting the precept, which is the domestic tax that is distributed to the Council each year;
  • Submitting observations to Gwynedd Council’s Planning Department on planning applications;
  • Responding to special consultations, e.g. Development Plan;
  • Maintaining our assets, including bus shelters, noticeboards, the small chapel at Pentir, Caerhun playing field, community defibs, planters, benches and public footpaths;
  • Purchasing additional assets for community benefit, e.g. Increasing the number of defibs, street lights, bus shelters;
  • Managing Pentir cemetery;
  • Managing funding applications and contributing financially to organisations that promote local culture and activities;
  • Ensuring a grass cutting programme of work across both wards.

Pentir Community Council also works in partnership with voluntary and community groups for the benefit of the area, the environment and the community, e.g. Nearby community councils, Rural Housing Facilitators, the Management Committees of Penrhosgarnedd and Glasinfryn Centres, to name but a few.



Councillor Lowri Ann James – Chairperson
Councillor Ieuan Elis
Councillor Bernard Jones
Councillor Dafydd Jones Morris
Councillor John Lewis
Councillor Jane Pierce

Outline of the Finance and Risk Management Committee Duties:

  • Recommending level of precept to full council annually;
  • Preparing an Annual Business Plan;
  • Monitoring the council’s budget;
  • Responding to the auditors’ recommendations;
  • Preparing and reviewing the council’s policies and recommending them to the full council;
  • Developing and regularly reviewing the Risk Register;
  • Considering funding applications in full and making recommendations to the full council.
  • Recommending capital projects including improvements to specific assets to be included in the business plan, e.g.:
    • Increasing the number of noticeboards;
    • Increasing the number of planters in the ward;
    • Installing new village signs, and so on;
  • Managing and monitoring council property maintenance work;
  • Reviewing cemetery rules and burial prices and recommending any changes to the full council;
  • Responding to health and safety audit reports e.g. the playground and cemetery;
  • Ensuring health and safety across council premises;
  • Monitoring the grass cutting contract and ensuring the best quality of work.


Chairperson – Councillor (to be nominated at the time of recruitment)
Chairperson of the Full Council
Chairperson of the Finance and Risk Management Committee


Outline of the Appointment Committee Duties:

  • Responsibility for arranging staff appointments as required, including advertising, creating an information pack and job description and conducting interviews;
  • Making recommendations to the full council regarding appointments;
  • Responsibility for managing the probation period and identifying any further training needs.